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Precision Milling Solutions

Flexible options for premium, high-performance machining.

MC Machinery offers milling machines that are ideal for high-speed and tight-tolerance jobs.  MC Machinery is the exclusive North American distributor for sales and service of Roku-Roku and OPS Ingersoll precision milling equipment. Every machine is inspected to the highest standards including:

  • Laser compensation inspection on all axes

  • Dynamic spindle balancing to calibrate spindle displacement, speed and acceleration

  • Circularity and geometrical accuracy calibration to ensure precise 3D movement

  • Painstaking precision alignment

  • Hand-scraped construction for superior durability and accuracy

Eagle V5C (5-AXIS)


5-axis machining is ideal for highly complex and detailed cutting on hard-to-reach surfaces. We have the superior lineup of some of the most advanced and accurate equipment in the world.

Our 5-axis machines have the precision, speed and durability to handle tough jobs. Adding automation to any of our 5-axis products can increase productivity, efficiency and your bottom line.



When a project requires the absolute best in terms of micro-fine detail work that can stand up to any working environment, you need a machine that can deliver precise, accurate work that’s a cut above the rest.

Enter the linear-drive milling machines: the ideal solution for high-speed, micro-fine, macro-profitable production in any application that requires extreme precision, attention to detail, and fast, consistent production.

These machines are inspected to the highest standards with laser-compensation inspections on all axes; dynamic spindle balancing to calibrate spindle displacement, speed, and acceleration; circularity and geometrical accuracy calibration to ensure precise 3D movement; and painstaking precision alignment.

This level of accuracy is unparalleled in the industry!




We only offer the highest quality high-speed 3 and 5 axis machining centers.

Our staff of highly skilled engineers can tackle the most challenging applications and share the skills necessary to make our customers more profitable while using some of the world’s most accurate machines.



Graphite and hard-milling machines combine industry-leading graphite milling with hard-milling capabilities. The benefits of these ‘hybrid’ machines go far beyond convenience.

The result is a fast, accurate, reliable and versatile vertical milling machine.

That’s the kind of efficiency that can make a serious impact on your business by helping you minimize costs while you maximize profits and productivity.

Add in our strong engineering support and you have a highly capable milling machine to get your business where it needs to be.



With milling automation from MC Machinery Systems, customers can greatly increase throughput and maximize their resources.

Milling automation can keep your process in house, improve process control and significantly reduce lead times. Milling automation solutions can lower operating costs, reduce lead times, increase output and more.


  • "The OPS Ingersoll 5-axis milling machines are fast, accurate, easy to operate and have a small footprint."

    Bill Yakle, Owner of Aisling Industries learn more
  • "The Eagle 800 has burn technology that gives us a competitive advantage because it takes about half the time to burn and uses fewer electrodes, which saves both time and money. Our goal is to run it all day and all weekend. I like that we also are cutting down on our carbon footprint by using fewer graphite electrodes and less copper wire than before."

    Steve Michon, President at Zero Tolerance view case study
  • "Our biggest supply chain issue is labor, but we have been able to achieve lights-out operation by adding the MC Machinery equipment. We have kept costs down while improving accuracy and doing more with the same number of employees."

    Todd Doerfert, Operations Manager at Mantz Automation learn more
  • "The kinematics of the Roku-Roku VMCs allow us to run faster feed rates and not sacrifice surface finish or accuracy. The machines are efficient in terms of increased cutter life, reliable Fanuc control and overall machine stability. We can run longer intervals on downstream inspection on parts that the Roku-Rokus machined."

    John TerBeek, Co-Owner at TerBeek Molding & Tool view case study
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