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EDM Solutions

Electrifying performance. Unmatched utility and efficiency.


With the best overall speed and performance in the marketplace, Mitsubishi wire EDM machines have intuitive, user-friendly controls, internal designs that reduce wear and tear, while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs



When it comes to razor-sharp precision on hardened materials, nothing beats a sinker EDM machine from MC Machinery Systems.

Advanced controls, on-board automation capabilities, and a superior power supply make our sinker EDM machines the ideal choice for tight-tolerance applications in industries including aerospace, energy, medical, and die/mold.

Sinker EDM machine technology from MC Machinery Systems offers unbeatable precision and reliability when and where you need it.



With EDM automation from MC Machinery Systems, customers can increase throughput and maximize their resources.

EDM automation cells may employ OPS Ingersoll five-axis or Roku-Roku high-speed vertical milling machines and robots to speed electrode production and replacement while allowing for complete lights-out operation. Our wire EDM automation solutions add the capacity to load and cut workpieces in immediate succession—loading and unloading them automatically.

A new world of increased throughput, cost efficiency, process optimization and more is waiting for you. Let’s get to work automating your production requirements today.

Through flexible, customizable designs that fit any machine, our available selection of off-the-shelf part loaders provide a quick and easy path to automated palletization.

Keep multiple machines supplied with these fast, flexible palletization options that can be fitted for operation with graphite/hard milling, sinker and wire EDMs, and more.

Bring the benefits of automation to even the most fine-detail work with dynamic, highly customizable robotics solutions.

A fully automated, end-to-end solution is the full package, optimizing every area of the part selection process in ways you’ll really notice.


  • "The quality and repeatability of Mitsubishi EDMs is second to none."

    Aaron Wiegel, President of Wiegel learn more
  • "Overall, the machine itself is just reliable. Out of all the other manufacturers I’ve used over the years, working with Mitsubishi EDM has been one of my best experiences."

    Danny Ritchie, head of Wire EDM Department at Dies Plus (a division of OTTO Engineering) learn more
  • "When it comes to applications expertise, it’s a lot more difficult in any industrial OEM to find the breadth and depth that Mitsubishi EDM has."

    Jeffrey Taylor, Crafts Technology President and General Manager learn more
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